Privacy Policy

Data collection

Since you registered for service use on WeDeliver website or application, your data will be collected, and every time you requested to use the service after the registration, your information on use of service will be shown in chronological order. To request for the service use, you are required to fill important information comprising your name, telephone number and e-mail to ensure ease of use, fast service and contact between us.  You may download or find the information in the WeDeliver application or website through App Store or Google Play. 

If you have already registered but wish to terminate the service, you may terminate the use on WeDeliver website or application by yourself. 


Use of information

We will use the information given by you for following purposes.


  1. The improvement of our service for each individual service user: the information on service preference will help us better understand your needs.   
  2. The improvement of our website based on your suggestions or comments will be fast: we are aiming at continuously improving the presentation on our website according to your comments and suggestions. 
  3. The increase of service efficiency for the service users: your information will help us give a better response to your order or support your needs in an efficient manner.
  4. The goods delivery management or any use for reaching a higher standard of our goods delivery service.
  5. Your information shall be kept by us. Your personal or public information shall not be disclosed, exchanged or sold to any other organizations, authorities or companies, unless otherwise permitted by you for our specific purposes or the completion of delivery of your goods or items as indicated in your service request.


Changes of privacy policy

In the event that our privacy policy is changed, we reserve the right to inform you of such changes in advance or we may inform of such changes in advance on WeDeliver website or application or other channels, as the case may be. You may find the updated information at any time on this page or the website